Five-Skill Soccer Drill
Five-Skill Soccer Drill

Soccer: Five-Skill Soccer Drill

Dick Moss, Editor, PE


The Five Skill Soccer Drill allows your students to get lots of practice in the following skills: heading, throwing-in, trapping, shooting, and passing.

Divide your students into groups of four. Have one student stand on each side of a 5 x 10 meter (yard) rectangle, and place two cones in the center of the rectangle, two meters apart.

The student on top of the rectangle is #1; on the bottom, #4; on the left side, #2; and on the right side, #3.


  •     The purpose of the drill is to move the ball to each side of the rectangle using different skills.
  •     Player #1 starts by tossing the ball overhead to himself, then heading it to player #2.
  •     Player #2 traps the ball, then shoots it between the pylons to player #3.
  •     Player #3 one-times the ball to #4, who traps it, picks it and uses the throw-in technique to toss it to #1, who then attempts to head it to #2, to repeat the cycle.
  •     After 5 cycles, reverse the direction of movement, with #3 starting, by heading it to #2.
  •     After 10 repetitions, players rotate one place to the left.

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