Chase the Rabbit Drill
Chase the Rabbit Drill

Soccer: Chase the Rabbit Drill

Pat Aitken

This drill will help your team develop endurance, feinting ability, passing accuracy and combination passing. They accomplish this by attempting to hit a designated “rabbit” with a ball.  The rabbit tries to elude them, forcing the players to communicate and pass in order to make a hit.

Setting Up
Create a 30-by-40-yard rectangle using markers. Divide players into three equal teams, wearing different-colored vests. Identify one “rabbit” from each team with special clothing, such as a hat. Give each team two balls.

Running the Drill
On your signal, the players move randomly around the field.

Each time a team hits an opposing team's rabbit below the waist, they get a point. The rabbits try to avoid being hit by changing speed and directions.

Teams must communicate and pass the ball to set up a hit on a rabbit. The first team to score 10 points or the team scoring the most points in 15 minutes is the winner.

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