Promotion: Marquee Ads Equal Free Publicity

Dick Moss, Editor

Gas stations, motels and other businesses often have portable signs, or marquees, next to the road. These signs, which employ removable lettering, are used to publicize specials, gas prices and sale days.

They're also a tremendous opportunity to get free publicity for your school sports program.

Marquee Promotion for Your School
Ask business owners if they'll post school-related messages on their marquees. Messages can include naming your athlete of the week, congratulating a team on a tournament victory, wishing teams luck on an upcoming trip, or publicizing an upcoming game.

This is a win-win situation. Your school gets free PR, and the business gains a reputation as a booster of a local school—at absolutely no cost to them! Many consumers prefer to deal with business owners who support the community.

Media Tie-In
Some businesses may be willing to go even farther and purchase advertising time from local radio stations. Their radio ads can repeat the message on their marquee, announcing upcoming contests or congratulating the athlete of the week. It's a tie-in that gives them a great public image. And of course, it's super  publicity for your program.

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