Promotion: Free Coupons Bring in the Fans

Dick Moss, Editor

Here's a way to attract more fans to your games and involve local businesses with your sports program. Ask businesses to donate coupons for free or discounted products that you can use as draw prizes during your game.

How to Organize
Many will already have such coupons printed up for other promotions, so this may not a big deal for them.

And you can tell them this promotion will give them exposure within your school since you'll
announce the prize during your game, during morning
announcements and in school-wide posters
advertising the game (i.e. “Win a free Pino's pizza at this Friday's game against Northside!”).

Hand out numbered tickets as your
spectators arrive. During half-time, draw a ticket from a box and announce the winner. You can also announce the winner during the next morning's announcements, so everyone who wasn't at the game will know what they missed.

Prizes might include coupons for free pizza or fast-food meals, movie passes, or one-day fitness center passes.

 Dick Moss (Editor).

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