Promotion: Banner Contest for Great School Spirit at Home Games

Kerry MacKelvie

A banner contest is a great way to increase student involvement in your games. It will also provide a legacy of school spirit that will brighten your gym for the rest of the year.

Announce that you'll be holding a banner contest at an upcoming game. The banners should promote your school and school athletic teams. Contest participants can include individuals, pairs, groups, or entire classes (depending on the prizes you have available).

At the game, have your entrants put their banners up on the wall (under your direction, of course), then judge them and present the awards at half-time.

Solicit local businesses for suitable prizes: rock concert or movie tickets, clothing or CD vouchers, restaurant certificates, etc. You might even provide cash awards, which could be used for a class project or the charity of the winner's choice.

This idea will increase awareness of your upcoming game, improve the profile of your athletics teams, and best of all—provide you with a gym-full of banners that will help to increase school spirit.

Dick Moss (Editor), PE

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