Product Spotlight: Playmeo Website for Icebreakers, Team-Builders, Get-to-Know You and Trust-Builder Games

Dick Moss, Editor

We've received a number of requests for PE product and equipment-related information, so this article marks the beginning of a series of such articles. They'll appear in a regular rotation - often in conjunction with our newsletters.

Playmeo Website - Icebreakers & Team Builders Galore!

I thought the Playmeo website was a great place to start. With school just beginning, one of the challenges for teachers and coaches is to develop a feeling of belonging, teamwork and comfort for their students and athletes. The Playmeo website provides a large number of games that will help you do just that. Game instructions are provided, as are videos that demonstrate the games and their rules, and show you what they look like in action. That's often the best way to determine whether they'll be appropriate for your situation.

We do provide some icebreakers here at PE Update (type "icebreaker" into the search engine) and some do come with explanatory explanations. However, Playmeo specialzes in these games and the breadth and depth of icebreaker-type resources available are greater than we can provide.

CLICK HERE to check out the Playmeo website!



Dick Moss, Editor, PE

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