Sport Psychology/Video: The Blanket Balance Icebreaker Game

Sport Psychology/Video: The Blanket Balance Icebreaker Game

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

The Blanket Balance Game is a cooperative activity that's  a fun icebreaker for teams and classes. The only equipment you'll need is a blanket.

Your team will become closer as the game progresses and they move closer together physically, and work together to solve the problem of fitting everybody onto an increasingly smaller space.

How to Play
Spread the blanket on the floor and tell your group that their task is to make sure that everyone can stand on the blanket. Everyone must have at least one foot on the blanket and the opposite foot must be held in the air for at least three seconds. After each successful attempt, they must fold the blanket in half, and do it again.

The fun begins when the blanket becomes small enough that your students must scrunch together and devise strategies to balance the entire group so opposite legs can be raised and held.

To see a demonstration of the
Blanket Balance Game, watch the video below:


From an activity led by Katherine Johnston at the Laurentian University cross-country team's 2010 training camp. “Kat” is a masters student in the Sport Psychology program at Laurentian University, in Sudbury, Ontario.

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