The Over-Goal Shooting Drill
The Over-Goal Shooting Drill

Lacrosse: The Over-Goal Shooting Drill

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

One of the most effective shooting techniques in lacrosse is a high-overhand shot, low to the side of the net.  You can use the following drill to practice this technique.

Set up two nets, about 20 yards apart. Net #1 is the goal – you can place a goalie in the goal if you wish. Net #2 acts as an obstacle over which players must shoot.

Two lines of players stand about 20 yards to the side and on opposite sides of the Obstacle. Place a number of balls beside each line.

A player cuts to a spot about two strides in front Net #2, receives a pass from the a player on the opposite side, and shoots over the Net #2 at the goal. A shot to the low side of the net is desirable.

The shooter then moves to the opposite line, and the player who passed the ball cuts to the net. This continues back and forth, with shots alternating from the left and right side.

Shooting over the obstacle forces an overhand shooting technique using a high release point and an extended   arm position for greater power (see “Lacrosse: An Extended Arm Position Produces Better Shooting Power”).

Reference: Bobby Benson, 35 Championship Shooting Drills for Lacrosse, DVD, Championship Productions, 2010,

Screenshot photo courtesy of Championship Productions

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