Wall Cradle Drill

Wall Cradle Drill

Lacrosse - The Wall Cradle Drill

Dick Moss

When cradling the ball, it's best if you can keep the stick vertical and near the ear. This protects the ball from defenders, placing it in a place where they must make an obvious foul in order to knock it out of your stick. It also places the stick in a position where you can quickly make a pass or a shot.

The Drill
The Wall Drill will teach your players to cradle vertically, using mainly the wrist to cradle the stick. It also develops flexibility and the ability to cradle on either side of the body.

Stand with your back against a wall and cradle the ball on both sides, keeping the stick vertical and moving back and forth from the left to the right. Make sure you use a complete range of motion when moving to your opposite side.

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