The Cross-Handed Hold
The Cross-Handed Hold

Lacrosse (Video Link): The Cross-Handed Hold

Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education

In lacrosse, a hold is a defensive technique in which ball carrier is contained by a defenseman and pushed toward the sidelines, out of prime shooting position.

The cross-handed hold is a variation of this technique that allows the defender to trap the shooter with his stick while pushing him to the perimeter with his forearm.

The Cross-Handed Hold - Technique
In the cross-handed hold, the defender slides his upper hand part way down his stick. By holding the stick horizontally across the ball carrier's upper arm and chest, and pushing with his forearm, he can prevent the offensive player from shooting while pushing him towards the perimeter.

The hands must be moved together on the stick to avoid contacting the ball-?carrier with the part of the stick that's held between the hands - that's cross-checking.

This technique requires the defender to get very close to the shooter, which increases the chances of being caught by an offensive move. As a result, it's important for the defender to keep his legs parallel and wide apart and to avoid stepping in toward the shooter.

It's also dangerous for the defender to apply too much pressure to the offensive player since this makes him vulnerable to a pivot-move.

Video Demonstration
You can see a demonstration of the cross-handed hold at the following video link: //

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