London Bridge Drill
London Bridge Drill

Lacrosse: London Bridge Pickup Drill

Dick Moss, Editor

The London Bridge drill teaches students to get low when picking up ground balls.

Divide your students into pairs. Give each student a stick and each pair one ball.

Half the students place their ball on the ground, about 12 inches away, and form a “bridge” over the ball with one arm and the stick (see diagram).

Their partners, starting about 10 steps away, run forward, bending the knees low to move beneath the bridge and scoop up the ball. Once the ball is picked up, they accelerate forward for several strides, cradling the ball in their stick.  They then drop the ball and form a bridge over it for their partner. Each pair moves down the field in this manner.

Other Points/Variations
When performing the pickup, instruct your students to bend the knees and get the back of their hands close to the ground.
A variation of the drill is to place a “bear at the end of the bridge.” Place another student—the bear—five steps from the ball and, without moving their feet, have the bears attempt to check the players after they emerge from the bridge.

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