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 Pickup Scramble Drill
Pickup Scramble Drill

Lacrosse: Pickup Scramble Drill

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

Pickup Scramble teaches players to shield the ball with their body as they are making a pickup.

How to Play
Establish two lines of players five yards (meters) apart and facing the same direction. Stand between the lines with a number of balls.

Yell, “Go,” and roll a ball away from the first two players. They must chase the ball and attempt to pick it up. The emphasis must be on getting their body between their opponent and the ball.


  • Once the ball is picked up, the player with possession attempts to score on a goalie standing in the net. The other player becomes a defender.
  • The two lines of players can face each other, 10 metres apart. The coach can roll between the players.
  • Coach can face the players and roll the ball towards them.

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