The Bull Dodge
The Bull Dodge

Lacrosse: The Bull Dodge

Pat Aitken

When faced with a defender, a ballhandler's best strategy is often to power through the defender's check.  In one such move, the Bull Dodge, your offensive player “bulls” past the defender using the free arm to block the defender's stick.

The Bull Dodge is especially useful when your player and the defender are moving down the field together, or when your attacker has a fast break and must cut in front of the net against a defender who has run back to assist the goalie.

How to Perform   
To move past the defender, your player drops the bottom hand from the stick. He then grips tightly with the upper hand, positioning the stick so your player's body is between the defender and the ball.

As your player runs past the defender, he extends the free arm to absorb the impact of the defender's stick.

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