Groundball Relay
Groundball Relay

Lacrosse: Groundball Relay Drill

Dick Moss, Editor

The Groundball Relay is a drill that teaches players to scoop the ball while running.

Form teams of three players each. Two players line up at one endline of the field while their teammate lines up at the opposite endline. One ball per team is placed on the top of the box closest to the two players.

How to Play
On a signal, the first players run and scoop the ball. They continue running with the ball, place it at the top of the opposite box then continue running to the endline. When they cross the endline, their partner begins running, scooping the ball on the run and placing it back on the original box. The third player completes the relay by scooping and running to the opposite endline.

Contributor: At the time of writing, Jack O'Donnell was a teacher and coach at St. Christopher's School in Richmond, Virginia.

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