Butt to Butt Drill: Starting Position
Butt to Butt Drill: Starting Position

Lacrosse: Butt to Butt Drill for Scooping Ground Balls

Jack O'Donnell, Contributor

Butt to Butt is a body position drill for scooping ground balls. It's designed to teach players to place themselves between their opponent and the ball.

Setup and Execution
Pair your players up and have partners squat with their backsides touching, as if sitting in a chair. The ball is placed on the ground, centered between the two players.

On a single whistle, the players battle for body position by pushing their opponent away and placing their body between the opponent and the ball.

On a double whistle, players attempt to scoop the ball and move away from the opponent.


  • Have players battle and scoop with only one command.
  • Have winners battle other winners until there's a champion.

Contributor: At the time of writing, Jack O'Donnell was a teacher and lacrosse coach at St. Christopher's School in Richmond, Virginia.

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