Tee-Down Golf Swing Drill
Tee-Down Golf Swing Drill

Golf: Tee-down Drill for Better Pitching

Dick Moss, Editor, PE Update.com

The pitch shot is used to deliver a high shot that rolls very little when it contacts the green.

The pitch uses a half swing, with the arms moving between positions that are parallel to the ground on both the backswing and follow-through (see diagram).  It differs from the chip shot in that the pitch uses wrist action in the swing while the chip does not.

This can be a problem for beginners—they know how it feels to make a full swing, but forget how much their wrists should cock at the end of a half swing

Here's a coaching cue that will help your students determine the correct amount of wrist action to use.

Let the Tee Point the Way
Place a tee in the hole at the end of the golf club grip. Have your students swing the club from 9:00 to 3:00 (i.e., arms parallel to the ground on both the backswing and follow-through).

Tell your students the tee should point at the ground at the top of both the backswing and follow-through. This will produce the correct amount of wrist action.

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