Reverse Weight Shift
Reverse Weight Shift

Golf: Remove a Shoe for Better Weight Shift

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

Here's a way to correct students who are making a reverse weight shift when they swing.  That is, they're shifting their weight to the back foot as they swing the club forward.  This error reduces both power and accuracy.

The Problem
The problem may be that your golfers are putting most of their weight on their front foot as they begin their backswing.

Swinging With the Back Shoe Removed
Swinging With the Back Shoe Removed
As a result, when they attempt to shift their weight during their backswing, the only way it can move is towards the back foot.

The Solution
You want your golfers to shift their weight towards the target as they swing. To ensure the correct weight shift, have your students start their backswing with their weight on the back foot.

To ensure that this occurs, suggest that they take off their back shoe while performing some practice swings. This will automatically place their weight on the back foot as they begin their swing.

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