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Golf: Tug of War For Better Left-Arm Pull

Golf: Tug of War For Better Left-Arm Pull

Pat Aitken

During the swing, you want your players to pull the club through the ball with their leading arm (the left arm, for right-handed players), rather than pushing the club with the back arm.

Here's a drill that will give your golfers the feeling of pulling from the left side into the ball. It will also force them to keep their right arm close to their body so they can't push the club with the back arm.

Have your players partner up, with the hitter addressing the ball while the partner stands behind the hitter.

The hitter starts the backswing and continues until the club is horizontal, at which point the partner grasps the club. The hitter then attempts to swing the club towards the ball.

As a result of the resistance, the hitter's legs and hips will lean toward the target and the right arm will tuck in close to the side. Repeat this procedure several times.

Next, have the partners grab the club at the top of the backswing. As the hitters pull downward, have them notice their hips and legs leaning toward the target.

They should also feel the muscles of their left side tightening from the armpit down, which shows they are pulling, not pushing, the club into the ball.

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