Using Blanket Golf Targets
Using Blanket Golf Targets

Golf: Blankets Make Good Golf Targets

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

When practicing golf shots, school instructors often line their students up on a field and tell them to swing away. This might be a good way to practice swing-basics and rhythm, but since there's no target it doesn't improve accuracy.

A simple way to provide a target for your golfers is to spread a blanket on the grass. Your golfers' job is to land their shots on the blanket.

You can use several blankets at different distances from your golfers and instruct them to use appropriate clubs or swing speeds. This allows them to simulate several holes worth of shots without leaving their spot on the field.

You can make the drill more specific by placing a flag behind the blankets. This will introduce the concept that on approach shots they should land the ball on an area in front of the flag, not on the flag itself.

A blanket can also allow your students to practice chip shots indoors. Place a blanket on the gym floor and have them hit at it using plastic balls off a mat.

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