Catch or Sit Game
Catch or Sit Game

Games: Catch or Sit Game

Pat Aitken

Catch or Sit will reinforce your students' ability to catch and throw. Any number between six and 30 can play this fun game, in which the object is to throw the ball at opponents in ways that force them to sit down.

This is a “human-target” style game, but it can be made appealing to eveybody by regulating the speed at which the ball can be thrown, by using soft Nerf-type balls, by limiting the target area on your students to the lower leg and by ensuring that students aren't singled out and "ganged up" on. Good supervision can make it a fun activity for all.


Divide your players into two teams (use pinnies to identify the teams) and spread them out on the field or gym floor. Players must remain on their spot. Randomly toss two or more Nerf, soft playground balls or “big” balls onto the playing area.

How to Play
On your signal, participants begin to throw the balls at opposing players.  Players who are hit by a ball must sit down. However, if they can catch a ball that is thrown at them, they may remain standing.

Sitting players can grab a ball that rolls near them and throw it at a standing player.  If they hit the opponent, the ”stander” sits and the sitter stands.  Players may assist sitting teammates by passing balls to them, which can then be thrown at standing opponents.

Play for a certain time period — the team with the most players still standing at the end wins.

Other Rules

  • A player can move to fetch a ball that has come to rest between players; however, they must then return to their spot before throwing the ball.
  • No throwing at the head or “drilling” the ball.

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