Games: Pepperches Game from Luxembourg

Dick Moss, Editor

Pepperches is a game from of Luxembourg that's suitable for North American gym classes. In fact, it's so simple and fun, you'll find your elementary school students wanting to play it during recess.

Divide your students into groups of four to ten and give each group a small, soft ball. Have the students from each group line up about eight feet from a wall and give each a number (i.e. from one to ten).

How to Play

  1. Player #1 takes the ball and throws it underhand against the wall. On the throw, Player #2 runs to catch the ball and the other players run away as fast as they can.
  2. When Player #2 gains possession, s/he yells “Stop!” The other players must freeze and hold their hands overhead, forming a loop.
  3. Player #2 then makes an underhand toss and attempts to put the ball through one of these loops. (If you wish, you can allow the thrower to take one to three steps first).
  4. If the throw is successful, the target player receives one penalty point. If the throw misses, the thrower receives a penalty point.
  5. The thrower then retrieves the ball and tosses it against the wall. Player #3 catches it and the game continues.
  6. The player with the fewest penalty points at the end of the game wins. You can play for a set time, or until a player reaches certain number of penalty points.

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