Fundraising: Glamor Vehicles - Turning Curiosity Into Cash

Dick Moss, Editor

Do you have parents or friends with glamour vehicles like yachts, sports cars, limosines, powerboats, snowmobiles, helicopters, airplanes, hot air balloons or other fun conveyances?  If so, you can convert people's curiosity about what it's like to ride in these vehicles into cash for your programs.

How to Organize
Make an event of your fundraiser by including a picnic, beach volleyball and other events, with the sailboat (or other vehicle) ride as the prime attraction. Charge an amount that will allow you to make money and still pay the owner's expenses.

Aside from raising needed funds, it's also a great way to improve cohesion among team members and parents, all of whom will probably take part in the event.

Other Fundraising Options
You could involve corporate sponsors (i.e. donors for the picnic) who might be rewarded by having their company flag fly on the vessel or at the picnic area.

Dick Moss (Editor), PE Update.

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