Fundraisers: Pajama Day Fundraiser

Fundraisers: Pajama Day Fundraiser

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

Do you begrudge the morning ritual of trading your comfy pajamas for a suit, tie and other teaching apparel?

If so, here's the ideal fundraiser for you. Not only will it make money for your school team, it will allow you to continue wearing your teddy bear pj's with the feet and the button-down flap as you head off to school.

Pajama Day Fundraiser
Here's how it works. On Pajama Day, students and staff can wear their favorite pj's to school, as long as they purchase a special tag which they must wear on a visible spot (see samples on the next page).

The tags are sold by your team members in the days preceding the event and on the day of the event itself. They can set up tables in the hallways and cafeteria, and maybe wear their uniforms to class so they can be identified as tag-sellers.

You could even have a “Best Pajamas” award to entice more participants.

Sudbury Secondary School, in Sudbury Ontario, ran a Pajama Day for its junior boys basketball team. Charging $1.00 per tag, they raised $250 for the squad.

Reference: Idea from Bruce Bourget.
Bruce Bourget was a physical education teacher and coach at Sudbury Secondary School, in Sudbury, Ontario. He is now an administrator with the Rainbow District School Board in Sudbury.

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