Pat & Go Drill
Pat & Go Drill

Football: Pat & Go Passing Drill

Brian Olthuis, Contributor

Touch football favours athletes who can run and catch. Pat & Go is a drill that will develop these skills by providing plenty of passes in a short period of time. It teaches quarterbacks to throw when the receiver makes a pass-route cut, and receivers to look for the ball when they make their cut. And it's a great drill for a class situation. The drill is also appropriate for tackle football.

Divide your class into small groups, each group comprising a quarterback and at least two receivers. Two groups work in tandem, facing each other 30 meters apart. The quarterbacks place four balls at their feet.

The Drill
The quarterbacks pat the football as the sign for their receiver to start his/her pass route. The receivers cut on the fifth step of their pass route, then look for the pass that the quarterbacks, after a five-step drop, has thrown to them.

The receivers catch the ball, then run to the opposite quarterback, place the ball at the quarterback's feet and join that QB's receiver line. This ensures continuous passing, minimal recovery for receivers and a lot of repetitions in a minimum of time.

Other Tips

  • Change the receiver lines from the right to the left of the field so QBs must throw in both directions.
  • Receivers should use various pass patterns, such as streaks (fades), outs, hooks, and corners.


Written by Brian Olthuis. Mr. Olthuis was a physical education teacher and football coach at Kamloops Secondary School, in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. He is currently the offensive line coach with the Kamloops Broncos football club and is the vice president of programs with Football BC (British Columbia). He is a Level 4 football coach and official.

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