Flush and React Drill
Flush and React Drill

Football: Flush and React Drill for Quarterbacks & Receivers

Dick Moss, Editor, PE Update.com

When flushed out of the pocket, many inexperienced quarterbacks simply sprint downfield. In doing so, they ignore wide-open receivers deserted by defenders who've moved up to cover the run.

The Flush and React Drill teaches your quarterbacks to monitor downfield receivers while scrambling out of the pocket.

This drill is performed with a quarterback, a receiver and a coach.

The quarterback stands at the line of scrimmage, while the receiver and the coach (who is covering the receiver) stand five-ten yards downfield, facing the QB.

The quarterback, holding a ball, drops back, then moves left or right out of the pocket. The coach and receiver move laterally in the same direction as the QB. The coach either continues to cover the receiver or runs towards the QB.

This forces the QB to make a choice: if the coach continues pass coverage, the QB keeps running. However, if the coach leaves the receiver, the QB passes.

The drill forces the QB to monitor the pass coverage while rolling out, and to make correct decisions about whether to pass or run.
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