Double Passer Drill
Double Passer Drill

Football: Double Passer Drill for Defensive Back Pressure

Brian Olthuis, Contributor

Defensive backs must cover each receiver as if that player will receive the ball. This drill emphasizes that point, because each receiver actually is thrown a pass on every play.

By using two quarterbacks, each throwing on the same play, this drill provides a lot of rapid-fire practice for receivers and defenders, and forces defenders to become very aware of what both the receiver and the quarterback are doing.

It's a drill that is suitable for a PE class, flag football or tackle football practice.

The drill is basically a two-on-two contest, with two quarterbacks and two receivers against two defensive backs.

Two quarterbacks, each with a ball, line up on the left hash mark, two meters apart. Two receivers line up on the right side of the same yard line.

Extra receivers line up five meters behind the active receivers, while extra defensive backs line up outside the sideline and yell “pass, pass” when the quarterbacks drop back, and “ball, ball” when the pass is thrown. If you wish, additional quarterbacks can line up behind the active pair of QBs.

The Drill
The receivers meet with the quarterbacks to discuss their pass routes before each play. Both quarterbacks have a ball and both throw to their receiver, with one quarterback throwing to the outside receiver and the other to the inside receiver.

It is the defensive backs' job to cover the receivers. They can play either zone or man-to man-defense.

As soon as the play is ended, two new receivers and defenders step on the field and the drill is repeated with as little delay as possible.

Quarterbacks should start by throwing to their right, but should later line up on the right and throw to their left.

Contributor: Brian Olthuis was a physical education teacher and football coach at Kamloops Secondary School, in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. He is currently the offensive line coach with the Kamloops Broncos football club and is the vice president of programs with Football BC (British Columbia). He is a Level 4 football coach and official.

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