Field Events/Equipment: Make Your Own Indoor 
Practice Javelins

Field Events/Equipment: Make Your Own Indoor Practice Javelins

Many coaches neglect indoor javelin practice because indoor javelins are expensive. Fortunately, you can overcome that problem by making your own.

How to Make a Bamboo Javelin
Purchase some bamboo poles from Pier 1 or other import retail store. Using a regulation javelin as a model, cut the pole to the same length as the regulation javelin.

Wrap some tape around the front end, to protect the floor, walls and other students—and to keep the pole from splintering. Then wrap more tape around the handle area of the pole—keep
wrapping it until the balance point is the same as the regulation javelin.

You now have a lightweight javelin that weighs only a pound or two. It won't be the same weight as a real javelin, but it will give your students the feeling for throwing a long projectile through the correct trajectory. And it's safe for indoor practice

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