Field Events: Shot Put - Tree Branch Contest

Field Events: Shot Put - Tree Branch Contest

Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education

Here's a contest for the shot put you can use to relieve training monotony and keep your throwers motivated.

Shot Put Contest
The equipment requirements of this contest are few. All you need is a tree with a low branch over which a shot put can be tossed. If a tree isn't available, you could use high jump standards and a crossbar.

The contest is simple. Start three or four meters away from the branch, or adjust the starting distance according to the ability of your athletes. Give each thrower three chances to heave the shot over the branch using a standing toss. Anyone who can't make the distance is eliminated.

Gradually increase the distance from the branch, moving backward one meter at a time. For example the second series of throws could be from five meters away, the third from six meters, etc.

The last athlete to be eliminated wins the contest. In the case of a tie, the thrower with the fewest attempts wins - just like in the high jump.

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