Setup for Mushball

Setup for Mushball

Basketball - Mushball Free Throw Game

Dick Moss

The Mushball game will develop your players' free throw shooting skills, and their ability to rebound and score in heavy traffic while close to the basket.

The entire drill takes place within the key. Place a rebounder in each of the two free-throw blocks closest to the basket (four players total). The rest of the players form a line behind the free-throw line.

How to Play
The first player in line shoots a free throw, and continues shooting until he misses. Once a miss is made, the rebounders, including the shooter, fight for the ball. Any player who gains possession, attempts to put it back in the basket, while the other players try to stop him. Players are allowed only one step outside the key. A free throw is worth one point and a rebound is worth two.

After the miss, players rotate positions. The winner is the player with the most points after everyone has rotated through the free-throw position.

Play with more, or few players in the rebounding position. For example, you could have only two rebounders, plus the shooter, or a full complement of six rebounders plus the shooter. Of course, the more players involved, the scrappier the play will become.


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