Rebound Grab Drill
Rebound Grab Drill

Basketball: Rebound Grab Drill

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

This drill, because it's so easy, is a good first step in teaching your students how to rebound.

And it's useful because it teaches timing, how to grab the ball out of opponent's hands, and to never give up on rebounds—even if opponents already have the ball in their grasp.

Divide your students into pairs and have one player hold a ball overhead. The partner, facing this player and using his/her fingertips, jumps and pulls the ball away, then takes a pivot step while holding the ball overhead, as if ready to make a pass.

Have each player make five attempts, then switch roles.

To make the drill more difficult, have the ball holders move the ball back and forth as their partner attempts to grab it. They should move it slowly at first, then more rapidly as your rebounders' skill level improves.

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