Walk the Plank Game
Walk the Plank Game

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Dick Moss, Editor, PE Upate.com

Walk the Plank is a fun shooting game that you can use in class or a team practice. It's a short, intense contest that's a lot of fun.

Divide your group into two teams per basket.  Place four cones on both sides of the key, with each cone farther away from the basket (or simply use the rebounding markers instead of cones).

How to Play

Have the first player from each team stand at the first cone. When ready, they both take a shot. If they sink their shot, they move to the next cone. If they miss their shot, they must stay at the same cone. When they're both ready, they take their second shot.

Both players continue shooting, moving to the next cone upon successful shots but staying where they are if they miss. The game continues until a player makes a shot from the fourth cone to win the contest.

Then the next two players in line assume the starting position and play their game. The line with the most wins after everyone has played wins the game.


  • Play relay-style, with the players handing off to their teammate after making their shot from the fourth cone.
  • Increase the pressure on your players by having them move back to the first cone whenever they miss a shot.
  • Shoot “around the horn” (up one side, shoot a free-throw, then down the other side).

Reference: Keven Prusak, “Basketball Fun & Games,” Human Kinetics, 2005.  http://www.humankinetics.com

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