Basketball: Make Youth Players Earn their Three-Point Shot Attempts

Basketball: Make Youth Players Earn
their Three-Point Shot Attempts

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

    Youth basketball players, especially those at the senior elementary level, love taking three-point shots. That's because of the glory involved in making a long basket for extra points.
    Unfortunately, three-pointers are a low percentage shot for most youth players. So you don't want every player on your team launching them time after time.
    Here's a way to limit three-pointers to those who might actually sink them. How? By making your players earn their attempts.
Three-Point Strategy
    Youth coach, Brian King, incorporates three-point shot contests during practices. Players take 10 shots from different locations beyond the arc and count their successful attempts.
    The number of successful attempts is the number of times that those players are allowed to take three-pointers during the next game.
    For example, if Frank sinks one out of ten, he's allowed one, and only one, three-point shot in the next game.
    This limits the number of “threes” that are attempted in games, gives those with a better chance of success more attempts, and gives your players motivation to focus harder in practice.

Reference: Idea from Brian King, a youth basketball coach, has worked  extensively with 11-13 year olds in the Walden Basketball League in Lively, Ontario.

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