Basketball: Pound the Grass Dribbling Drill

Basketball: Pound the Grass
Dribbling Drill

Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education

Once your students have learned the basics of basketball dribbling, they can further refine their technique by using the "Pound The Grass Basketball Drill."

The drill is simple. Have your students go outside and dribble a ball for about five minutes on a flat section of grass.

Allow them to start by watching the ball as they dribble, then as they become more efficient, they should dribble with their eyes up. They can progress by using both their left and right hand, and performing crossovers or any other technique they might normally attempt while dribbling on a hard-court floor.

Why This Is Effective
There are several reasons why this is an effective drill.

  • The grass absorbs energy so your students will really have to pound the ball in order for it to bounce high enough for effective dribbling. A hard dribble is a good technique to develop, because it's more difficult for opponents to check.
  • It improves specific strength and endurance in the muscles used for dribbling.
  • A grass surface is not perfectly even, so the ball may bounce up in unpredictable directions. This will force your students to adapt to unpredictable bounces producing better control as they are dribbling.
  • It's a good excuse to get outside for a few minutes on a nice sunny day.

Reference: Stomp the Grass Basketball Dribbling Drill, Sacred Hoops, November 2007.

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