Basketball - Research Proves That Teamwork Wins Games

Basketball - Research Proves That Teamwork Wins Games

Meghan Juuti

Coaches know that over-dribbling loses games, even at the 14-16 year old level. Unfortunately, young players are not so easily convinced. Here's a scientific study you can use to back up your assertions that winning teams are the ones that pass more and dribble less.

The Study
The study involved 184 male players, ages 14-16, from 16 teams, observed during the Spanish Under-16 championships. A number of variables were recorded including types of scoring, time of movement, number of players touching the ball, type of attacks and more. These variables were compared to the winning records of the different teams.

There were significant differences between winning and losing teams -- particularly in the amount of dribbling versus the number of players who participated through passing. It was found that winning teams dribbled, on average, 14% less than losing teams (432.6 seconds vs. 502.1 seconds) and had a higher number of possessions in which at least two and also five players touched the ball.

One of the conclusions of the researchers was that the winning teams were those that dribbled less and passed more.

Reference: E. Ortega, D. Cardenas, P. Sainz de Baranda, & J.M. Palao. "Differences Between Winning and Losing Teams in Youth Basketball Games." International Journal of Applied Sports Sciences, 2006.


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