Coach Shoots to Initiate the Drill
Coach Shoots to Initiate the Drill

Basketball: Michigan State Rebounding & Fast Break Drill

Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education

Michigan State is a perennial NCAA contender and one of their strengths is their ability to rebound. Here's one of the drills that coach Tom Izzo credits with developing this ability in his teams. It's both a drill and a controlled game, that Izzo frequently uses in practices. Although it's an effective rebounding tool, it will also improve your team's fast-break abilities.

Form two teams of five, with one team assuming defensive positions around the basket and the other assuming offensive positions around the key. Each defensive player guards an offensive player.

A coach, with a ball, stands on the perimeter.

The coach takes a shot from anywhere on the perimeter. As the shot is released, the offensive players crash the boards, while the defensive players attempt block out their man.

If the defenders get the rebound, they get a point and immediately fast-break down the court. If they score, they receive an additional two points.

On the other hand, if the defenders get the rebound, they receive two points. If they score, they receive an additional point.

Once the play is ended, the teams change positions with the offensive players becoming defenders and the defenders becoming the offensive squad. Or, if a third team is on the sidelines, they take the place of the team that lost the rebound.

Play until a certain number of points are scored, or certain amount of time elapses. The team with the most points wins.

Reference: From a discussion with Angie MacDonald, coach of the Lockerby Secondary School Senior Boys basketball team, in Sudbury, Ontario and former player and assistant coach with the Laurentian University Lady Vees basketball team.

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