Knockdown Passing Game
Knockdown Passing Game

Basketball: Knockdown Passing Game

Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education

Knockdown is a passing game you can play with young physical education students who are too small to reach the basket when they shoot.

It's also a good way to get varsity teams to focus on passing rather than shooting during scrimmages. It does this by taking the baskets right out of the game.

How to Play

    Play as in regular basketball with several exceptions:
  • Place two cones at the end of each playing area.
  • Players score by knocking a cone down with the ball. They must work themselves into position for a clean shot at the cones, and the best way to advance the ball and outmaneuver defenders is by passing.
  • Players can take only five steps before passing.
  • A point is scored every time a cone is knocked down.
  • Play for a certain time period or until a pre-determined number of points is reached.

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