Basketball: Dribble Flag Basketball Game

Basketball: Dribble Flag Basketball Game

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

    This game will force your players to dribble  with their head up and while under pressure.  It's suitable for either class or team practice.
    Divide your players into two teams.  Each player receives a flag which they hang from the front of their shorts, and the first five players on each team receive a basketball.
    The players with the basketballs stand within a large playing area, while all other players stand at the sidelines.
    On your signal, the players with a basketball start dribbling within the playing area. Their task is to remove the flag from an opposing player and drop it on the floor without losing their own flag. 
    When a flag is taken from a player, that player must pass their ball to a teammate on the sidelines.  The teammate then enters the playing area and joins in the game. The team that is first to remove their opponents' flags wins the contest.
Additional Rules
    Players are allowed to use their free-arm to guard their flag but must not hold the flag or grasp other players.  A flag, once removed, must be picked up off the floor by the player who lost it before going to the sidelines.
    To make the game non-competitive, allow the players who've lost their flag to replace it and wait at the sidelines for another chance to re-enter the game.
    You can also improve the fitness component of the game by instructing those on the sidelines to perform stretching, ball-handling drills, or other  exercises while waiting for their turn to play. 

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