Scramble Drill
Scramble Drill

Basketball: Scramble Drill Teaches Heads-Up Dribbling

Pat Aitken

Basketball Scramble will improve your students' ability to dribble the ball with their head up.  Most appropriate for beginners, it involves lots of running, constant action and much confusion, so your students should love it!

Place a large number of basketballs or playground balls in a box or container positioned at the center of the gym.  Have your players scatter so they cover the court evenly.

Start the action by tossing balls out of the container in all directions as quickly as possible.  Players catch the balls, dribble to the box and drop them back in. You control the pace by tossing the balls back onto the floor.

End the game by letting the container fill up with balls.


  1. Mark a circle around the container and have players shoot balls into it from outside the circle. 
  2. Have players take a shot at the nearest hoop (dribbling to it if necessary) before dribbling to the container. 
  3. Let a student be the ball-tosser. This will spare your back muscles. 
  4. Have players dribble with their non-dominant hand.

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