Badminton: Volleyball Badminton

Jim Parker, Contributor

“Necessity is the Mother of Invention,” and Volleyball-Badminton was invented by a colleague of mine, Mully Jackson, when we were hard-pressed for gym space here at Glenlyon-Norfolk School in Victoria, B.C. This game is part badminton and part volleyball. It's particularly useful (and fun!) when you have a limited number of badminton courts and an excess number of students.


Volleyball Badminton
Volleyball Badminton

On a doubles badminton court, place up to six players per side in volleyball formation. To reduce the chances of teammates hitting each other with their racquet, create “zones” for individual players, within which they are restricted.


Boundaries are the same as for doubles badminton. Rules are a combination of badminton and volleyball:

• Four to six players per side.

• Service is an underhand clear.

• Service begins from the right hand corner.

• Shuttle may be returned immediately, but the “three-hit” rule is preferable.

• Games go to 15.

• All normal badminton returns are legal.

• Screaming is encouraged whenever a point is scored.

When to Use

This game is ideal when you're suddenly short of space (i.e. you've given the other half of the gym to another class) and are already teaching your badminton component. It's also fun as a “G.L.O.” (Game of Low Organization).

Additional Rules

• To avoid a straight back-and-forth game, make it a rule that two or three hits must occur before the bird goes over the net.

• Lower the net, use a sponge ball and play “badminton!”

Contributor: Jim Parker is a physical educator at Glenlyon-Norfolk School in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

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