Soccer Badminton
Soccer Badminton

Badminton: Soccer Badminton

Nadine Slavinski

Soccer Badminton is a fun alternative game for beginner to intermediate players. It can be used as a warm up activity or a drill that challenges players to show quick reaction time and aim. It can be played with two or more players and in grades 3 to 10, depending on the variation you use.

This game can be played along the walls of a gym. Mark “goal” areas along the walls with tape or use pre-existing marks on the walls (our gym is lined with meter-long panel sections which serve well as goals). It does not require a net. This allows space for other equipment to be set up without disturbing the drill.

How To Play
Start with a one-on-one game. One player acts as goalie, trying to prevent the shuttlecock from entering the goal. The other player is the attacker and serves the shuttlecock, trying to hit it past the goalie and into the goal.

After three attempts each, the players switch roles. This basic version of Soccer Badminton helps students work on their serve and realize the importance of standing ready to receive.        

More advanced players should start further back or use a smaller goal. The goal can also be varied to include higher and lower areas of the wall.

Advanced Variation
Intermediate players can play a 2-versus-1 game, with one goalie and two attackers. The attackers  stand approximately four meters away from the goal and two meters from one another.
The first attacker serves it to his or her partner, who then hits it at the goal. After every three attempts, rotate the goalie. The attackers can also be challenged to hit it back and forth to each other several times before shooting at the goal.

Students enjoy the change of pace that this game provides, while improving basic badminton skills. This activity is also easy to differentiate for players of varying levels, by varying the position of players and how many hits are required before hitting it into the goal.

Contributor: Nadine Slavinski is a teacher of Physical Education grades 3-12 at Munich International School in Munich, Germany. A US citizen, she enjoys living and working in Europe with an interesting group of mixed-nationality colleagues and students.

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