Badminton: Principle of Play - Make Them Hit Up

Badminton: Principle of Play - Make Them Hit Up

Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education

While strength, power technique are important in badminton, sometimes adherence to a few key principle can make all the difference in your level of play. Here's one such principal - and it's a simple one.

Make them hit it up!

Make Them Hit Up
While shot selection and location are ?important, it's sometimes easier to focus on this general principle. Aim your shots so your opponents have to hit the shuttle upwards on their return…even if you have to hit a relatively high shot yourself in order to make this happen.

If they're forced to hit it up, it gives you the advantage, allowing you to smash the shuttle, or use a smash as the threat that will make a number of other shots more effective - such as a drive, drop or clear.

It's a simple but effective principle. Make them hit it up!

Reference: Eugene Kumekawa, "The Aggressive Return of Serve in Doubles." Badminton, June 2004.

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