Badminton: Four-Square Balloon Badminton

Badminton: Four-Square Balloon Badminton

Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education

Four-Square Balloon Badminton is a lead-up game you can play inside or outside and without the need for nets.

It allows your entire class to participate simultaneously and teaches beginners the concept of using a badminton racket to hit and direct an object. And since it uses slow-moving balloons instead of shuttles, it allows everyone a fair degree of success.

Divide a 10' x 10' area into four squares using masking tape, chalk or by marking the center point and corners with pylons.

Place a student, each with a badminton racket, into each of the four squares. Each group of four players receives one balloon.

How to Play
The student in court "A" starts the game by serving the balloon to any of the other courts. Players cannot step or reach outside their own court and players receiving the balloon are allowed to hit it twice in a row during a possession, but no more. The balloon is hit back and forth between any of the four courts until it touches the floor.

The player whose court the balloon touches or who hits the balloon out of bounds is given a point and must move to court "A." After the other players rotate courts, this student serves to begin play again.

The player with the fewest points after a certain period of time wins the game.

Reference: Lois Fahrman, Badminton Bonanza: The Gym Dandies Quarterly, 1987, The Great Activities Publishing Company.

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