Badminton - Dirty Floor Solutions

Badminton - Dirty Floor Solutions

Meghan Juuti

In badminton competitions, players often slip on dusty floors. Since slipping can cause missed shots or even an injury, it's important to tackle the problem of dusty shoes. Here's how.

Damp Towel
Place a damp towel on the floor beside the net. Players can step on it between rallies and the small amount of water in the towel will remove any dust from their shoes.

Carpet Remnant
Stray pieces of carpet can come in handy. If placed beside the net post, players can step onto a carpet remnant to wipe the dust off their shoes.

Reference: Kwun "Get a Grip! How to Deal with Dusty Badminton Courts." Badminton Central Website. 25 April 2005.


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