Resources: The 60 Ways to Play 60 Youth Fitness Contest

Resources: The "60 Ways to Play 60" Youth Fitness Contest

The Atlanta Falcons have launched a contest to discover 60 imaginative ways for schools to get every student involved in daily physical activity.

The campaign encourages kids to overcome childhood obesity by being physically active for 60 minutes a day. Hence the title, "60 Ways to Play 60."

The Contest
Anybody can submit an idea and there is a $1000 prize for the innovation receiving the most votes from people registered on their website.

The website, after a brief registration process, allows you to:

  1. Nominate an individual, school or organization that you think has a winning solution for engaging all students in daily physical activity.
  2. Enter your own innovation.
  3. Vote for your favorite entry.
  4. Comment on, discuss and help improve each initiative.
The contest runs from September 23, 2009 through November 4, 2009. However, submissions will remain on the website after the deadline. So even if you don't win, you'll be able to peruse the ideas for use in your own school.

The website can be reached at the following link:

Checking out the Ideas
You don't have to register to view the entries. Scroll down and click the "Entries" tab, then click the underlined "Title" for the different entries.

For this competition, the Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation has teamed up with Ashoka's Changemakers, a nonprofit group that works globally to identify and spread innovative solutions to social problems. Since their beginning, they have run 30 competitions attracting thousands of solutions and overseen the investment of $30 million to adopt and implement some of these ideas.

Dick Moss, Editor, PE, October 2009.

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