Fitness: Find the Corner Walking Game

Fitness: Find the Corner Walking Game

Dick Moss, Editor, Physical Education

This game makes walking fun by turning it into a quest. It's appropriate if your neighborhood is safe, has many walkable street corners, and your students are old enough to walk the neighborhood without direct supervision.

Scout your school's neighborhood in advance and record clues that will help your students identify nearby street corners. Write the clues on a sheet. Examples might be:

  • Street corner with a confectionery store.
  • Corner with a church.
  • The corner with the big oak.
  • Corner with a purple house.
  • Corner where one street is named after an explorer.
  • Where one street rhymes with "sing."
  • Where one street is the opposite of old.
  • Where one street is a woman's first name.
  • Where both streets are named after trees.

How to Play
Divide your class into groups of two-to-four students, give each group a sheet and make sure every group has a pencil. Then send them out on their quest, along with a deadline for their return.

Groups must stay together, and beside the appropriate clue, record the names of the two streets that form the intersection. The group with the most correct clues wins-that is, if you even want to declare a winner.

Reference: June Decker and Monica Mize, Walking Games and Activities,
Human Kinetics Publishers, 2002.

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