Wolves and Sheep Soccer Game
Wolves and Sheep Soccer Game

Soccer: Wolves and Sheep Dribbling Game

Pat Aitken for PE Update.com

This fun game develops your players' ball control and dribbling speed.

Setting Up
Using pylons, mark off a 35 x 40 yard (metre) area, with 5-yard safe zones in each corner. Create two equal teams of any size, identifying each with different colored vests and a team name. Give each player a ball and place them in the marked area.

Running the Drill
The players all dribble around the playing area, controlling the ball carefully and staying out of the safety zones.

Shout the name of one team (i.e. “Red”), which starts the red team—the Sheep—dribbling as fast as they can to a corner safety zone. The other players—the Wolves—stop dribbling and chase after the sheep, attempting to tag them before they reach safety. Once tagged, the sheep must stop running.

When all the Sheep have either reached safety or been tagged by the Wolves, play starts again with all players dribbling.

Teams get one point for each player who makes it to a safe zone untagged.  After several turns or a set time limit, the team with the most points wins.

More highly skilled players can use a larger playing area, and the Wolves can be required to dribble while chasing the Sheep.

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