Promotion: Music Can Give Your Players a Home-Town Advantage

Promotion: Music Can Give Your Players a Home-Town Advantage

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

Your wrestler walks onto the mat, with the theme song for “Rocky,” his favourite song, blasting over the public address system. Or your basketball center waits to take a foul shot as the officials confer among themselves: his
favourite song plays in the background, calming him down. Or your pitching reliever advances from the dugout to “Pump-it-Up,” his favourite get-psyched tune.

Favourite Song Strategy
With a few CD's, a volunteer and a PA, you can use music to make your home competitions more exciting for
spectators and to give your players a distinct and personal home-town advantage. In moments of pause, when the spotlight is on a particular player, have a student volunteer play that athlete's favourite song over the PA.

You can do this using a CD player (having each player bring in their CD with a marked selection), or using individual tapes, marked by players and containing their favourite tune.

Just be sure the songs are suitable for public consumption and don't contain profanity or objectionable lyrics.

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