Promotion: Parent's Caravan for Away-Games

Promotion: Parent's Caravan for Away-Games

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

Would you like to get more parents involved with your team… while ensuring good fan support at an important away game? Encourage interested parents to organize a fan caravan to the competition.

How to Organize
Parent organizers can arrange to meet at a pre-
determined spot — perhaps for a group breakfast or coffee break before starting the trip. When everyone has arrived, your fans can form a convoy and drive to the game.

Aside from being a fun social function for your fans, it's a real morale booster for your athletes when their supporters arrive in a huge group, all wearing school colors.

By involving parents in this fun activity, you might also gain their support for other functions, such as fundraisers.

Safety Warning
You don't want your fans making unsafe passes in order to keep the caravan together on the highway. Be sure to tell your parents not to worry about arriving several minutes late.

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