Track/Swimming: Run (or Swim) a World Record Every Time

Track/Swimming: Run (or Swim) a World Record Every Time

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

Here's an idea for track or swimming units that will give your students some perspective about how fast the world's best really are.

Have your athletes perform a timed run (or swim) over a specified distance (i.e. a 200m or 400m in track).  Blow your whistle when your watch shows the world's record time for that distance.

On the whistle, your students must stop and see how far they've gone in comparison to the world's best.

Aside from providing some interesting perspective, your students will be able to tell their friends and family that they ran a world record time (they don't have to say they didn't perform it over the world record distance).

Time Trial Idea for Varsity Athletes
You can use this concept during time trials to show your varsity athletes their current progress versus their personal goal for the year.

Have your athletes run (or swim) a time trial over their distance, stopping them when your watch shows their goal time. Your students will be able to see how much farther they have to go in the same time to reach their goal.

A Different Perspective
This is a different perspective from the norm, in which time the time it takes to cover a specific distance is the variable. In this exercise, it's the distance covered over a specific time period that's the variable.

Sample World Records
    Here are some sample world track records, as of October 2010:

Track/Swimming: Run (or Swim) a World Record Every Time

Dick Moss, Editor, PE

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