A Video Camera is a Great Memory
 Aid for Learning Students’ Names
A Video Camera is a Great Memory Aid for Learning Students’ Names

Teaching Tips: Videotaped Introductions Help You Learn Students' Names

Dick Moss, Editor

Do you have trouble learning the names of your students? It's a common problem at the start of the school year, especially with the large class sizes that are becoming more and more common.

Video Introductions
A video camera can provide you with an effective memory aid. At the beginning of the school year, have your students prepare videotaped introductions.

You can do it in two ways. Students can introduce themselves in front of the entire class while being taped. However, this can be a traumatic experience for shy students.

An alternative is to break up into smaller groups or even pairs, and ask students to tape their partners' introductions. After the camera has made the rounds, the class can sit down and watch the video.

The introductions should be brief and include typical ice-breaker information, such as name, favorite sports or hobbies, musical groups or sports teams, etc. You can even ask for students' course goals or expectations.

Your students will enjoy this less stressful introduction method, learn cooperation with classmates and have fun seeing themselves on TV.

And the vital by-product of the video is that you'll have a visual record of each student, along with their name and some personal information that you can take home to link names with faces.


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